We whole heartedly welcome you to our ministry and be a part our fellowship with your valuable prayers. Please pray for our ministry so that we be blessed day by day in his grace so that we can reach every nock and corner of the earth to share the love of God and make them undrestand his will in our lives.


I am Jyothi Kumar Reddi, State Overseer & Governing Body Chairman of Church of God in India, Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada, India.
I served as an Evangelism Director in Church of God for 9 years. My father Rev. Stephen Reddi who was the State Overseer for 28 years went to be with the Lord on July 3rd 1999. After his demise, the world missions has appointed me as the overseer of Andhra State. I and my wife together are pastoring 4 churches and also have a burden of running an orphanage i.e. Jyothi's Home for Children since 18 years. The missions department handed over the responsibility of Pentecostal Bible College too after the retirement of the old director.


I was born in the year 1964 in a poor Christian family. I was called into this precious ministry at the age of 14 in the year 1979. I had all the struggles of being a Christian in a predominantly Hindu Society. By God's grace a great man of God, Rev. Robert E. Hinson, Senior Pastor, Spring Valley church of God, P.A, my father's best friend has been kind enough to sponsor my education at Seminary in United States. I can never forget his love and kindness. For many years, it was in my heart to repay this kindness by helping others in a similar way. In 1993 God gave me a vision and a burden about the deprived, unwanted and orphaned children and raise them to be happy, healthy and humane citizens and useful utensils to spread the Gospel.

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